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Edith Knows Her Apples

I wrote this almost a month ago but saved it as a draft accidentally instead of posting it. I still need to write one for 31 Postcards (The Obsesser #6.5). That was printed before zine fest last week but the project is still finishing up. I’m currently working on #7, which is the cassette piece […]

The Struggle of The Pit

This is something I wrote for my women’s studies class so it isn’t technically for the writing workshop but it’s free writing, I like it, and think it applies to some things we as a class and I individually have been talking about. We were asked to break a gender norm and then write about […]

exercises in style

In our writing workshop we were asked to take a quiet, mundane, every day task and repeat it twelve different ways. We were challenged to experiment with voice, perspective, character, seriality, and genre style. The theme that stuck with me was gardening and related Botanical Endeavors (so it is called). I wanted to address the internal, solitary act of […]