Catalog H-L

THIS MAY NOT BE CURRENT after tabling at an event. Look at blog posts for updated quantities and titles or email if unsure.


Here, Everything Is Familiar Vol. 1-3 by Jessica Silfa

$2 each or $6ppd for the set of three – 38, 52, and 34 pages – 1/2 sized – 3 oz each or ppd for the set

Great literary work for mature readers. Deals with drugs, sex, love, and growing up. Partially bilingual with a glossary of Spanish phrases used in the back.


Indestructible by Cristy C. Road

$6 – 96 pages – half sized, perfectbound – 5 oz

The follow up to Green Zine #14; Cristy Road now offers up a novel about her years in grade school and high school in Miami – valiantly trying to figure out and defend her gender identity, cultural roots, punk rock nature, and mortality. You know that the artwork alone in here makes this a page turner and the whole package more exciting. Cristy has always existed to remind us of the strength and ability of punk youth – for addressing things like rape, homophobia, and misogyny. This is no exception; giving voice to every frustrated 15 year old girl under fire from her peers for being queer or butch or punk.

info from the publisher


Indigo #15 by Michelle Aiello

$2 – 30 pages – half sized – ? oz

Perzine with pink or orange covers. More info coming soon.


no imageNEW! The Juniper #16 by Dan Murphy

FREE – 30 pages – half sized – include $1 to ship alone, 50 cents with any order

Garden and plant-centric short zine with tips and stories. More info coming soon.


Katzilla #2 by Johannes Dechant


$2 – 75 pages – 1/2 sized – ? oz

Written in English, this German zine is all about the Israeli Punk Scene. Whether you’re a rocker or a wanderluster, travel outside the North American borders and explore what’s happening around the world. Features interviews with Frederico (Dir Yassin, Smartut Cachol Lawan), Giora & David (Boshet Rec, Nikmat Olalim), Noya (Patrol Fanzine), Gutzy (Kafa la panim schel LL,, Hikokiri) plus articles about the infoshop Salon Mazal in Tel Aviv, other sources on Punk in Israel, show reviews and intense photos.


Kiss Off #10 by Chris Kiss

only 1 copy available
$2 – 52 pages – 1/4 sized – 1.5 oz

Typewritten travel zine from Canada in the vein of Ghost Pine and Otaku. This issue includes a trip to visit his sister in Sydney, Australia and the resulting unsettling out of place feeling that continues after he comes home. Letters to friends lead to rare face to face interaction upon his return. Highly relate-able for anyone that’s moved from a place they consider home or has had trouble fitting in.


Kubba #6: The Fiction Issue by Jessica Bublitz

$2 – ? pages – 1/2 sized – 1.5 oz

Includes contributor stories and illustrations by AR of Lovely Ugly Cruel World. Updated cover with ultra blue color and ribbon binding.


New! Lady Teeth #2 by Taryn Hipp

only 2 copies available
$3 -38 pages – larger than quarter, odd size

More info coming soon.


Larceny #25 by Shaun

only 1 copy available

$1 – 26 pages – 1/4 sized – 1 oz

A queer factory worker with a chip on his shoulder about the current (at the time) zine community.


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