Catalog M-R

THIS MAY NOT BE CURRENT after tabling at an event. Look at blog posts for updated quantities and titles or email if unsure.


A Million Birthdays #4 by Kathee

$1.50 – 34 pages – 1/4 sized – 1 oz

Life in high school including learning to drive, an unexplained stint in the hospital, plus evaluating relationships with parents, friends, and boys.

No Better Voice #29 + 29.5 by Jami Sailor

only 2 copies available
$2 – 24 and 16 pages – 1/4 and mini sized – 2 oz

#29 is a mini about the facts and personal experiences with STI’s that is informative for people with and without it. #29.5 was created for the 24 hour zine challenge and covers a range of topics including an opposum tale, tshirt redesign, making your own kitty litter box, and more. Includes unique color covers in a variety of funky styles with thick ribbon wrapping the two zines together. Plus a bonus button!


Orange & Blue #0 by IsaBelle Bourret

only 1 copy available
$2 – 41 pages – 1/2 Size – 2 oz

This is an incredible zinester that spares no scenester’s feelings. As a French-Canadian she prints her zine (previously called Ingleside News) in French, and then translates it to English. The beauty of issue #0 is that she tells you all the back story before you read her regular zine. It works great alone or as a primer. IsaBelle guides you through her neighborhood in Quebec, the differences between herself and other zinesters, and much more. Include blue covers.



Pretend It Didn’t Happen and Maybe It Will Go Away #12 by Bethany Hart

only 1 copy available
$2 – ? pages – 1/2 Size – 1.5 oz

This issue is all about coming to terms with her family after her grandfather ends up in the hospital. This event creates stress on the relationships therein, and everyone turns. The story leads to a very important list of things to know about verbal abuse. This is a serious problem that can happen to anyone. Read this if you have family problems, if you need to address verbal abuse, or if you want to understand Bethany a little more (and who can say no to any of these?).


Rattletrap #1 by Ryan Smith?

only 1 copy available
$2 – 20 pages – half sized – ? oz

Comic with a focus on text over imagery and including letters to the author.


no imageRiverwurst by Tea Krulos and contributors

only 1 copy available
$4 – ? pages – full sized, offset – ? oz

Comic compilation with full color cover. Newly added to the catalog.




  1. Do you have any more Orange & Blue copies left? If so, I’d like to order one. Thanks!

    1. I might have one hiding somewhere, its an older title. I’ll take a look.

    2. Yes, I have two copies left. I’ll hold one for you, just shoot me an email with your mailing address and anything else you’d like to order. The post office is closed tomorrow but I can run it down on Friday. Thanks!

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