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found text bits: cassette reading

These are pieces I tried to pull together from reading the cassette (found) text after it was written out on the tape. I think this is sort of what some readers would string together when reading, though each person/read would be different. I am currently leaving it untitled because I would like first time readers […]

approaching adulthood ideas

I have been fascinated by old etiquette books and pamphlets for growing young adults for a long time. Last year I made a small zine called “On Becoming a Woman” that took found text and images from a pamphlet on what to expect as a girl changed into a woman, which were fairly controlling and […]

free writing: found lists

I was looking through my stash of ripped up magazine pages (for collages) and old zine notes in an attempt to scrounge up pieces to make a list of likes and dislikes and I actually found a few of these. Some are what Lane would call colophons, with the standard music listened to and thanks […]