Monthly Archives: August 2013

not gonna call it a failure: gwg #10

Here we are, at the tenth Grow Write Guild prompt. I hope to compile the first ten responses into a little zine to share offline. Look forward to that and more blog writing in the near future. . There are many plants that I’ve tried to nurture but just couldn’t get them to get up […]

izm reading list part 2 of 2

I finished off the month. Many were chosen for zine library and education week, one for cookzine day, and a bunch of minis and quarter size zines so I could read them during down time at work. A few were new to print or new to me, some I had never read but had been […]

being mindful and finding comfort in the quiet: gwg #5

I wrote this over a month ago but it was saved to drafts instead of publishing. In that time its gone from cold and rainy to hot and dry and back again. Still the sounds are pretty similar, adding in the occasional evening of noisy restaurant patrons eating on the patio next door. I would […]