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Lynda Barry’s Pep Talk

I’ve got one more post to cover Thanksgiving week, and it’s along the same lines as the last few. I recently posted about advice for writers, physically communicating/writing/making things offline, and blogging, and thought this was a nice reminder about how getting pen to paper can really change things. I discovered NaNoWriMo (which I plan […]

thanksgiving stories

Over Thanksgiving weekend I seemed to be paying closer attention to the stories people told, whether it was heard or read. The way they told them came into focus and the stories themselves were excellent. Some were so funny I was crying, some were heartbreaking, and others were just disgusting. I went to Corey’s aunt […]

writing workshop blogroll

malinda = ryan = kyle = barbara = jessica L = lexi = samantha = rachel = skyler = sam = erik = felipe = chelsea = nicholas =

Truth in Blogging (and being a journalism student) This is so right on. I was laughing through the entire thing. . I’m finally starting to enjoy blogging, after years of trying to make myself accept it. Just like writing itself it gets easier and more enjoyable with more practice. I had a livejournal that I kept up with regularly, mostly for the […]

maize maze

maize maze, a photo by Jessica Baumann on Flickr. Testing out my new flickr account. I had one in the past but it was full of stuff from over 5 years ago. Uploaded phone photos using my new dropbox account. Technology! Via Flickr: taken while we were inside a giant batman-shaped corn maze


I’ve noticed that I’m down to a single issue of many older titles. I’m also tired of offering the same stock at so many events, especially with just 1 or 2 copies of a title. Even though they’re older they’re still really great and I want to get them in the hands of readers. This […]

November Stock

I’ve finally updated the stock since last time. After Chicago ZF, getting married, having an extended honeymoon road trip, moving, Milwaukee ZF and Madison ZF (Dane County Print Explosion) I’ve been extremely busy and the stock has changed a good amount. I’ve added a number of my own titles as well as my husband’s. Check […]

Ideas for next project: 90’s Ladies – TV

For the next issue I’ll be going back to my idea of 90’s Ladies of Inspiration. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for almost a year but now the timing seems right. I’ve always been an avid television viewer and it was influential to me as a teenager growing up in the 90’s. […]

31 Postcards

I finished The Obsesser #6.5 – 31 Postcards – right before the Milwaukee Zine Fest. The story prompt was Messages from the Margin. We had been discussing zine culture a lot (especially in the 90’s) because of the Notes From Underground reading. In the book the author talked about trades and penpal-like letter exchanges, or […]

Edith Knows Her Apples

I wrote this almost a month ago but saved it as a draft accidentally instead of posting it. I still need to write one for 31 Postcards (The Obsesser #6.5). That was printed before zine fest last week but the project is still finishing up. I’m currently working on #7, which is the cassette piece […]