Monthly Archives: October 2012

new idea for the next project: cassette

Since I wrote the last post I had a great idea that I think even better fits the next project parameters – stop making sense and found text. I created an image of a cassette tape that’s been unwound and knotted together. Along the tape I wrote out a found text that would be difficult […]

approaching adulthood ideas

I have been fascinated by old etiquette books and pamphlets for growing young adults for a long time. Last year I made a small zine called “On Becoming a Woman” that took found text and images from a pamphlet on what to expect as a girl changed into a woman, which were fairly controlling and […]

free writing: literal word collages and fragments

I picked through some of my old collage materials and found some words to string together. The last one is inspired by the fifth grade girls I am mentoring right now. Next month I hope to introduce them to zines and get them making as well.          

free writing: found lists

I was looking through my stash of ripped up magazine pages (for collages) and old zine notes in an attempt to scrounge up pieces to make a list of likes and dislikes and I actually found a few of these. Some are what Lane would call colophons, with the standard music listened to and thanks […]

free writing: word association, found bits

names/words home words: residence, abode, dwelling, asylum, sanctuary. habitat, homeland homecoming: return, arrival, journey’s end down to earth, collectively, all hands, everyman jack, the works everywhere: all over, far and wide     one: e.) body      day: habitual, usual, routine, workaday     every: each, all, complete, entire generally speaking, customary, across the […]

Notes from Underground and Unmarketable

Right now I’m at the Milwaukee Zine Fest fundraiser double feature screening of Pump Up The Volume and Times Square at the Public House. I have such a great time when we do fundraisers that I hope we do more, and similar zine events throughout the year. I participated in a zine reading at People’s […]

Edith Knows Her Apples story three

Are you awake? Huh? Can you tell me about the pitter patter? Again? I can’t sleep. When you’re camping, sometimes it’s nice to go for a hike or fish, or just sit around the campfire. But sometimes, when it rains, you need to stay inside the tent. The rain hits the tent and goes Pitter […]

Edith Knows Her Apples story one

I should probably paint this ceiling. God, these spider webs are taking over. I need to remember to pick up that duster. OK, let’s see… I should finish that project on Wednesday, but I really just want to work on the list of things I need to pick up before practice. I guess printing that […]

The Struggle of The Pit

This is something I wrote for my women’s studies class so it isn’t technically for the writing workshop but it’s free writing, I like it, and think it applies to some things we as a class and I individually have been talking about. We were asked to break a gender norm and then write about […]

DIY 90s Print Aesthetics

I’ve been thinking about 90s print esthetics a lot in the past few months. At the first meeting of the Milwaukee Zine Fest this year we decided on the loose theme of “the 90s.” We got really excited about doing a photo shoot and flyers that looked like that infamous Minor Threat album cover a […]