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coming back from hiatus

I took the month of August away from the computer for the most part, and it really felt good. I enjoy sharing things on the blog here but since I was gone on my three-state summer adventure I was able to take the time to explore and come back with new stories. I have so […]

international zine month: week 3

Hey folks, its ZINE DISTRIBUTION WEEK! There are TWO prompts for distros (7/16 and 7/18) so feel free to hit me up. Now get out there! . 15 – Leave a zine in public for someone else to find. 16 – Send your zine to a distro for distro consideration. 17 – Review a zine […]

izm winding down week 2

As week 2 nears an end I find I’m a touch behind on the prompts but have been diligent in my reading. I still need to update my wiki entries and I couldn’t think of a new zine skill to teach myself. At the risk of sounding like a bragert I’ve experimented with nearly every way you […]

izm midweek 1

When planning my reading for the week I forgot about today’s prompt so I’m re-reading the lovely Doris, which is one of my all-time favorite zines (I can push back habit #3 til Monday). Cindy was one of the first zinesters I traded with, which was almost 15 years ago! I feel a special connection […]

international zine month: week 1

It’s week one, day one of International Zine Month! IZM 2013 Week 1: I love zines Week 2: Postal Appreciation Week 3: Distro Week Week 4: Library and Education Week Week 5: Just for fun . First up, it’s I LOVE ZINES WEEK! 1 – Sign up or sign in to and write about […]

winding down

The semester is nearing the end and there will only be a handful of posts left for the writing workshop. There are some things I’d like to add before it ends, like posts about a few finalized zines (mainly the last two), some reflection on the last two zine fests I attended, what’s to come […]


I’ve noticed that I’m down to a single issue of many older titles. I’m also tired of offering the same stock at so many events, especially with just 1 or 2 copies of a title. Even though they’re older they’re still really great and I want to get them in the hands of readers. This […]

November Stock

I’ve finally updated the stock since last time. After Chicago ZF, getting married, having an extended honeymoon road trip, moving, Milwaukee ZF and Madison ZF (Dane County Print Explosion) I’ve been extremely busy and the stock has changed a good amount. I’ve added a number of my own titles as well as my husband’s. Check […]


Thanks for checking this out. I am in the process of changing info over from my old site so this is very much in progress. Check back for the updated catalog. Briefly, I am a zine maker and distributor. I’ve run Bottles on the Sill Lending Library and Distro since 2003 (though the library is […]