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.31 cover

 NEW! 31 Postcards: The Obsesser #6.5 by Jessica Bublitz Baumann

$2 – 16 pages – half letter sized – ? oz

Originally this was just for trade to people that participated in the project but I’ve done a small reprint that’s only available here. I took part in a challenge to write 31 postcards in 31 days in October. While I was still working on it I copied some of my first set of cards and compiled them in the zine, putting together messages that I didn’t write with the intention of passing along to anyone but the receiver. I’ve sent and received cards from 5 different countries besides my own (which was my goal), and I even received one that was written in French from Canada.
I sent out trades to three people and offered new exchanges with a number of others. I wrote to long time penpals (some I’ve known over a decade) and strangers for the first time, most that are somehow connected to the zine world and others that were just interested in the challenge. It was a great mix and I think the whole project was a real success. It reminded me that even when I’m wrapped up in school, planning the local zine fest, participating in readings, and moving I can still make time to write letters to zine friends. Perfect for those that love snail mail, vintage postcards, and voyeurism.


Adorn #13 by Bree

only 1 copy available
$2 – 30 pages – quarter sized – ? oz

Bree kicks off issue #13 explaining how she had left Zinetown for the last few years. In that time she was married, divorced, spent two years in college and took a closer look at her mental state. Adorn reads like a daily journal. Well, ok, Adorn reads like a daily journal that’s been ripped to pieces, set on fire and then reconstructed with little regard for the original page numbers. But I like that. Some of the entries are just scraps, others are a little more revealing, but as you read on they all just seem to fit together. The writing is honest and the layout is really good. Bree hints on the last page that this may be her final issue of Adorn, but I hope not.

Info from Fall of Autumn


 NEW! At Some Point: The Obsesser #4 by Jessica Bublitz Baumann

$2 with full color cover, $1 in b/w – 16 pages – half letter sized – ? oz

The text is a collection of fragments from my honeymoon road trip, one way down Route 66 from Chicago to LA. It’s not about every moment, it’s not mushy, just a different way of looking at a travel zine. Each story is only 1-3 sentences. It is just a taste… a micro-memoir.


Bob Bongg #4 by D. Beyer Jr.

$2 – 28 pages – half legal sized – ? oz

Professionally drawn comic but in a zine-like format from a local cartoonist. Includes a full color cover. See also Clearance Items Only and Worthless Comics.


 NEW! Botanical Endeavors: The Obsesser #5 by Jessica Bublitz Baumann

$3 with full color cover, $2 in b/w – 24 pages – half letter sized – ? oz

This is a collection of 12 short pieces of fiction and creative non-fiction on the topic of gardening and related plant based interests. The stories work as a whole and as individual stories. They don’t have much in common besides that they are quiet and focus on relatively solitary characters, and of course each piece revolves around the theme of “interacting” with plants. I would highly recommend the full color cover (the same botanical collage is repeated on the back) though I do offer an economical black and white version if that’s a selling point for you.


The Cheap Vegan by Stephanie Scarborough

1 issue for $1 – 4 pages – full sized – 1 oz
11 issues for $9 – 90 pages – full sized – 11 oz

These newsletters offer great shopping and cooking tips for vegans and beyond. If you enjoy any of Stephanie’s zines you’ll find her same wit, thrift, and food love within these pages. Sold as a complete set it is actually issues #1 through 9 plus 11 and 12 (#10 is a lost issue). Order this and you’ll have a year’s worth of advice to keep you on those new years resolutions of healthy living and saving money. Recommended for all ages!


Clearance Items Only by D. Beyer Jr.

half off! only 2 copies available
$1 (now only 50 cents) – 16 pages – quarter sized – ? oz

Short and fun comic on red cardstock by a local cartoonist. see also Bob Bongg and Worthless Comics.


no imageNEW! Corner Store #1 -2 by Corey Plagiarist, Quentin and Tony with photos by Jessica Bublitz Baumann

$3 each – ? pages – 1/2 Size – ? oz

Reviews of corner stores around Milwaukee. Even if you live far away you can enjoy their anecdotes and shopping lists. #1 includes cover art by Keith Rosson of Avow Zine and #2 by Brother Donkey. More info coming soon.


Dream Whip #13 by Bill Brown

only 1 copy available
$5 – 225 pages – 1/4 Size – 5 oz

If you only read one zine it should probably be Dream Whip. Packed, handwritten, great illustrations, and so much more. It’s so thick it needs to be bound with a rubber band! Follow Bill around the US and this time even to Europe for a fun travel zine you won’t want to put down.


Edgy #18 by Star Blue

only 1 copy available
$2 – 18 pages – half sized – 2 oz

Perzine from a Cali college girl.


Electric Mayhem 2:3 by Sean?

only 2 copies available

$2 – 36 pages – quarter sized – 2 oz

This is a perzine about the author’s childhood.


Foul #18, 20, 21 by Brandon Wetherbee

half off! only 1 or 2 copies of each available
$1 (now only 50 cents) each – 24, 16, 12 pages – half sized – ? oz

Text heavy short perzines.


Ends Without Means #2 by Paul Fatula

only 1 copy available
$3 – 32 pages – 1/2 sized – 2 oz

Six short stories with four actual color photographs. Include numbered gray cardstock covers with durable green thread and 5 hole coptic binding.


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