Welcome to Bottles on the Sill Distro

Thank you for coming. I am proud to carry many lesser known zines that deserve admiration, along with some handmade items and prints. Join me in spreading zine readership! This site also includes some of my writing and personal projects, but mostly stays within the zine and self publishing sphere. I am currently working on a garden inspired zine so there are a number of posts related to this. If you are only interested in certain topics just click on the categories to filter it to your liking.

I am working on redesigning the site so please excuse any sold out material that is still listed in the catalog. The most current stock is noted in blog posts and can be easily referenced by clicking on the “current stock” category. Check back to see the progress and let me know what you think.

I need to update shipping information so please email me before ordering so I can calculate it to order. Generally it is $1 for a solo zine or 50 cents each for more than one issue. As always if you have questions I’d love to help you answer them.


email and paypal can be directed here:

current snail mail address:

Jessica Bublitz Baumann
2772A N. Weil St.
Milwaukee, WI  53212

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! I look forward to exploring your site in more detail.

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