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distro update after MKEZF 2013

There have been some big changes in the catalog since I tabled at two zine fests, one in late summer and the other less than a month ago. The first was the Portland Zine Symposium, where sales were way down, and the second was the Milwaukee Zine Fest, where sales were way up! I sold out of a few titles […]

the grow write guild – garden writing club

the grow write guild – garden writing club If you know me at all you know I love plants and writing, and I’ve written a zine about it. Gayla is one of the few garden bloggers I consistently read and her books are great, too. I couldn’t have said this better myself so check out […]

Lynda Barry’s Pep Talk

I’ve got one more post to cover Thanksgiving week, and it’s along the same lines as the last few. I recently posted about advice for writers, physically communicating/writing/making things offline, and blogging, and thought this was a nice reminder about how getting pen to paper can really change things. I discovered NaNoWriMo (which I plan […]

thanksgiving stories

Over Thanksgiving weekend I seemed to be paying closer attention to the stories people told, whether it was heard or read. The way they told them came into focus and the stories themselves were excellent. Some were so funny I was crying, some were heartbreaking, and others were just disgusting. I went to Corey’s aunt […]

writing workshop blogroll

malinda = http://malindaandrews.blogspot.com/ ryan = http://perissological.blogspot.com/ kyle = http://tsungstyle.wordpress.com/ barbara = http://onepoetsnotebook.blogspot.com/ jessica L = http://smalltowngrrrl.blogspot.com/ lexi = http://randomnotandem.blogspot.com/ samantha = http://postmodernpeach.blogspot.com/ rachel = http://somaticsurrealist.wordpress.com/ skyler = http://hewantstorelax.blogspot.com/ sam = http://gatorbootsandguccisuits.blogspot.com/ erik = http://generalfunkdeer.wordpress.com/ felipe = http://dabrodeo.blogspot.com/ chelsea = http://grittysilk.tumblr.com/ nicholas = http://nicholasjwhitehead.blogspot.com/

Truth in Blogging (and being a journalism student)

http://theoatmeal.com/comics/making_things This is so right on. I was laughing through the entire thing. . I’m finally starting to enjoy blogging, after years of trying to make myself accept it. Just like writing itself it gets easier and more enjoyable with more practice. I had a livejournal that I kept up with regularly, mostly for the […]

31 Postcards

I finished The Obsesser #6.5 – 31 Postcards – right before the Milwaukee Zine Fest. The story prompt was Messages from the Margin. We had been discussing zine culture a lot (especially in the 90’s) because of the Notes From Underground reading. In the book the author talked about trades and penpal-like letter exchanges, or […]

Edith Knows Her Apples story three

Are you awake? Huh? Can you tell me about the pitter patter? Again? I can’t sleep. When you’re camping, sometimes it’s nice to go for a hike or fish, or just sit around the campfire. But sometimes, when it rains, you need to stay inside the tent. The rain hits the tent and goes Pitter […]

Edith Knows Her Apples story one

I should probably paint this ceiling. God, these spider webs are taking over. I need to remember to pick up that duster. OK, let’s see… I should finish that project on Wednesday, but I really just want to work on the list of things I need to pick up before practice. I guess printing that […]