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spring solstice and gwg anniversary!

Happy Spring Solstice everyone! Happy one year Anniversary Grow Write Guild! I’m spending the solstice starting seeds and roller skating. Even though there’s still snow on the ground I won’t let that hold me back from celebrating the lengthening days and nearly approaching warmer weather. How are you celebrating? It’s been a busy year and I’m […]

distro update after MKEZF 2013

There have been some big changes in the catalog since I tabled at two zine fests, one in late summer and the other less than a month ago. The first was the Portland Zine Symposium, where sales were way down, and the second was the Milwaukee Zine Fest, where sales were way up! I sold out of a few titles […]

Notes from Underground and Unmarketable

Right now I’m at the Milwaukee Zine Fest fundraiser double feature screening of Pump Up The Volume and Times Square at the Public House. I have such a great time when we do fundraisers that I hope we do more, and similar zine events throughout the year. I participated in a zine reading at People’s […]

DIY 90s Print Aesthetics

I’ve been thinking about 90s print esthetics a lot in the past few months. At the first meeting of the Milwaukee Zine Fest this year we decided on the loose theme of “the 90s.” We got really excited about doing a photo shoot and flyers that looked like that infamous Minor Threat album cover a […]

another purpose

I’ve taken on a semester long writing workshop that will focus on zine and zine-like forms. I will be including some of this writing here, from first blips of ideas to final drafts. They will be categorized under the heading “writing workshop” so you can choose to seek out or avoid these posts. This will […]

Madison Zine Fest

Madison Zine Fest was a good time, as usual. It was run by two new folks and I think they did a good job, including trying a new location that was in a fancy newly built University Union. Unfortunately there wasn’t as much foot traffic as years past and a lot of people started to […]