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gwg: fall part two

Here’s Part Two of the Fall GWG piece (click here to read Part One). This continues my response to prompt #13 and some of #11. When the harvest prompt came out I was really excited to write in depth about my successes. Unfortunately it came right before I left for Michigan and by the time I got […]

gwg: fall part one

GWG Prompt #12: Describe fall in your garden in 5 to 10 words. Didn’t take off as planned but flourished in unexpected ways.   It’s been a while since I felt like writing and I have a lot to wrap up. It’s good to look back on what’s happened all season now that it’s coming […]

maize maze

maize maze, a photo by Jessica Baumann on Flickr. Testing out my new flickr account. I had one in the past but it was full of stuff from over 5 years ago. Uploaded phone photos using my new dropbox account. Technology! Via Flickr: taken while we were inside a giant batman-shaped corn maze