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’90s Ladies of Inspiration

I‘ve included a few spreads from the most recent zine, ’90s Ladies of Inspiration: Television (The Obsesser #7). It’s a short quarter size zine with full color cover and end sheets and a three hole coptic  binding. This is a brief selection, I’d like to add more in the future. The characters included are Angela […]

Ideas for next project: 90’s Ladies – TV

For the next issue I’ll be going back to my idea of 90’s Ladies of Inspiration. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for almost a year but now the timing seems right. I’ve always been an avid television viewer and it was influential to me as a teenager growing up in the 90’s. […]

The Struggle of The Pit

This is something I wrote for my women’s studies class so it isn’t technically for the writing workshop but it’s free writing, I like it, and think it applies to some things we as a class and I individually have been talking about. We were asked to break a gender norm and then write about […]

Our Bodies, Our Bikes

Update: This was included in Taking the Lane Vol. 5. I began to distribute this title at the 2012 CZF but sold out that day. I am hoping to restock it before the MKEZF. This version is a touch longer than the final published draft.   This is a piece that will hopefully be included […]