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spring solstice and gwg anniversary!

Happy Spring Solstice everyone! Happy one year Anniversary Grow Write Guild! I’m spending the solstice starting seeds and roller skating. Even though there’s still snow on the ground I won’t let that hold me back from celebrating the lengthening days and nearly approaching warmer weather. How are you celebrating? It’s been a busy year and I’m […]

firsts: gwg 1

It’s been a year of prompts and posts with the Grow Write Guild. To celebrate I’ve included my very first entry, which was never posted to the blog. I’ve written more about the first anniversary, what’s to come, and the release of my first collection – Riot Grrrden: Stories from the Grow Write Guild – in […]

working through the winter blahs: gwg 19 and 20

Polar vortex makes it tough, but sunny days bring hope. . It’s been a cold, cold winter. While I haven’t been thinking about the specifics of gardening like I was dreaming and planning for this time last year, the past few weeks I can’t stop thinking about being outside. I don’t even need summer just yet, […]

solstice herbal tarot party: gwg 16

Merry Winter Solstice everyone! This mystical post comes to you just in time to celebrate your connection to the earth, the stars, and the seasons over this crisp holiday. Its been cold and icy but I’m still thinking about greenery. This piece was prompted by the gwg #16 – write dangerously, which was to write […]

gwg: fall part two

Here’s Part Two of the Fall GWG piece (click here to read Part One). This continues my response to prompt #13 and some of #11. When the harvest prompt came out I was really excited to write in depth about my successes. Unfortunately it came right before I left for Michigan and by the time I got […]

gwg: fall part one

GWG Prompt #12: Describe fall in your garden in 5 to 10 words. Didn’t take off as planned but flourished in unexpected ways.   It’s been a while since I felt like writing and I have a lot to wrap up. It’s good to look back on what’s happened all season now that it’s coming […]

not gonna call it a failure: gwg #10

Here we are, at the tenth Grow Write Guild prompt. I hope to compile the first ten responses into a little zine to share offline. Look forward to that and more blog writing in the near future. . There are many plants that I’ve tried to nurture but just couldn’t get them to get up […]

being mindful and finding comfort in the quiet: gwg #5

I wrote this over a month ago but it was saved to drafts instead of publishing. In that time its gone from cold and rainy to hot and dry and back again. Still the sounds are pretty similar, adding in the occasional evening of noisy restaurant patrons eating on the patio next door. I would […]

unfortunately i am not weird al: gwg #9

I’ve struggled with this one. I love Weird Al and am musically inclined, but I just could not think of how to do this for the life of me. Every time it came to mind I got My Sharona stuck in there and that’s it. Perhaps it was because I was listening to my Reality […]

essence of summer: gwg #8

I’ve been waiting to post this because I haven’t uploaded my newest images yet (besides the lily) but then I realized I’d better just get it out there. Maybe I’ll post some more photos for the next one. I have a bunch I’d like to share. . Now that we’ve passed the solstice and its finally starting […]