Monthly Archives: September 2012

botanical endeavors

Today I finished another zine – Botanical Endeavors. It includes 12 short pieces of fiction and creative non-fiction on the topic of gardening and related plant based interests (as I wrote about in a few previous posts). I think it turned out pretty well and I’m very pleased with the cover, which is definitely one […]

supplies: free writing week three

Over the years they had become more and more particular about the type of pens they would use. After plenty of trials and frustrations they had found just one particular brand and one particular color. Occasionally they thought they should mix it up, try something new, but nothing compared to their preferred brand. It had […]

exercises v mining: mix up and freewriting

i have just realized i confused the next two projects, making this one much more like what should come next than what is currently at hand. i will not have the time to write, rework, and layout an entirely new set before tuesday. crud. having a head cold has messed up my rhythm. every semester […]

1. caroline and 4. flies

Caroline arranged them so perfectly. She had attended school for it. It was a lost art in a way, a craft that people didn’t really think about these days. She had hoped to own a boutique at some point but for now she took shifts at the grocery store. She would never receive them herself, […]

exercises in style

In our writing workshop we were asked to take a quiet, mundane, every day task and repeat it twelve different ways. We were challenged to experiment with voice, perspective, character, seriality, and genre style. The theme that stuck with me was gardening and related Botanical Endeavors (so it is called). I wanted to address the internal, solitary act of […]

at some point…

This morning I busted out the finishing touches on a short zine called “At Some Point” (and part of the series The Obsesser – #4). The text is a collection of fragments from my honeymoon road trip (one way, Chicago to LA) that took place this summer. I didn’t write about the trip back because […]

another purpose

I’ve taken on a semester long writing workshop that will focus on zine and zine-like forms. I will be including some of this writing here, from first blips of ideas to final drafts. They will be categorized under the heading “writing workshop” so you can choose to seek out or avoid these posts. This will […]