Edith Knows Her Apples

I wrote this almost a month ago but saved it as a draft accidentally instead of posting it. I still need to write one for 31 Postcards (The Obsesser #6.5). That was printed before zine fest last week but the project is still finishing up. I’m currently working on #7, which is the cassette piece I’ve been posting about. In the next week or two I hope to do a little run down of how Milwaukee and Madison Zine Fests turned out, though I need a little distance since Madison’s was yesterday.

The pace these zines are coming out makes it a little tough for me to stay on top of all this blog-wise but I’m trying. This week I wrote another post about something that has been affecting me lately but it got deleted before it posted. I’m a novice blogger but I think all these mistakes help me figure out what I’m doing with it and to try to get better.


The next zine to come out of my writing workshop is Edith Knows Her Apples, which is a brief collection of four creative nonfiction/micro fiction stories revolving around insomnia. The layout is cut and paste fabulous and I’ll probably let it go for $1 each. In the future I may turn it into a quarter size zine and I’d like to add more stories, I just didn’t work them out of the draft phase yet. Once the workshop is over I think I’ll release bits of all of these zines as a collection since I think everything I’ve written so far in this class would go well together, as well as bump up the page count into something nice and hearty. Check out two of the stories I’ve posted here and here.

I wanted to note that it is a totally gender neutral collection, which is something that I wrote about here. [Note: The gendered title is simply a fictional movie title that comes up in the story and is not the protagonist’s name or their gender, necessarily.] In the last collection, Botanical Endeavors, I wanted to use female and male perspectives specifically because I wanted to be sure to call some attention to the idea that gardening is not simply a feminine pursuit. I considered using trans or a few gender neutral stories but it seemed a little forced. The next one that I’m working on, currently titled 90’s Ladies of Inspiration, will be fully female and is meant to be as such. I’ve been struggling with being all encompassing of every form of gender while also encouraging thoughts, writing, and outward projection of girlness, feminist studies, and community through girl gangs. We’ll see if this continues in future writing.

Note: 90’s Ladies was postponed but I will be attempting this topic for an upcoming project. I believe it will be The Obsesser #8.


Edith Knows Her Apples: The Obsesser #6, $1, 16 pages half size


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  1. lucewriter · · Reply

    I’m trying to get my mind around gender neutral when writing is so tied to specifics, but I admit it sounds like a brave experiment.

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