spring solstice and gwg anniversary!

gww_year_oneHappy Spring Solstice everyone! Happy one year Anniversary Grow Write Guild!

I’m spending the solstice starting seeds and roller skating. Even though there’s still snow on the ground I won’t let that hold me back from celebrating the lengthening days and nearly approaching warmer weather. How are you celebrating?

It’s been a busy year and I’m really proud that I was able to share so much creative writing with you. Relive it with my new zine, Riot Grrrden: Stories from the Grow Write Guild. I’ve collected the first ten stories I wrote for the blog and online community into a hardcopy, paper zine! Whoo! I finished it less than a week ago and just in time for the 2014 Chicago Zine Fest. Please pick up a copy; it will support the release of future issues. I’m already working on the next one and have a release date loosely set for early summer.


riot grrrdenRiot Grrrden: Stories from the Grow Write Guild

24 jam-packed pages, natural tan flecked cardstock cover, $3 ppd

This zine includes all ten stories with black and white photos, re-edited and with some never before seen entries. It is text heavy and I tried to keep the print pretty small with narrow margins to cram in as much botanical goodness as possible. Be sure to pick up a copy so you can read through the spring and early summer entries now to get excited for the coming growing season. I’ll include a FREE copy of The Juniper (a short garden zine by Dan Murphy) with the first few orders – to say thanks to the early worms.


If you’re into creative garden writing you’ll probably also enjoy:

botanical endeavors coverBotanical Endeavors

24 pages, full color cover, $3 (please add $1 for shipping and handling)

I wrote this zine before the Grow Write Guild was started but it has some similar themes. Twelve short stories and micro fiction all focused on plant-based activities and observations. Quiet pieces with characters that collect leaves on walks, search for community at a seed exchange, or seek solitary rewards – shirking from people in their yard. If you enjoy the GWG I’m sure you’ll love it!

Order both zines and get them for $6 total, postage paid – my treat!


In conjunction with the new zine I’ve created a photo gallery of most of the images that were used in my GWG posts, with more being added soon. You can find it in the bottom right corner of every page. Just scroll to the end and click on a thumbnail to view each of the images in a carousel gallery. Sweet!

Also to celebrate our first year I’ve included my very first entry, which I had previously kept to myself. Check it out here. If you’d like to share I’d love to hear about your first plant! Part of the reason I enjoy the GWG so much is the sense of community, so let me know you’re out there. I’m keeping busy with more prompts so check back in the next few weeks as the season starts to take off again. Cheers to a productive spring!


I took CZF a little slower this year, trying to stay at our vendor table most of the day rather than attempt to hit every workshop. I did make some quick stops at a handful of printmaking workshops, met the inspired folks of the People’s Library, and breezed by some excellent paper and printmaking artwork in the galleries. Otherwise I just enjoyed the day assembling zines and talking to a ton of nice folks that stopped by the Bottles on the Sill table. If you’re checking out this blog after visiting us at CZF feel free to comment or shoot me an email (bottlesonthesill@yahoo.com) to say hello! If you order anything online I’ll include a free zine as an extra thanks for checking back. Click through the pages at the very top of the blog to look through the catalog.

Sold Out:

Lady Teeth #2 (would be willing to reorder if requested)

90s Ladies of Inspiration (can reprint on demand, but the next project I’m working on is an extended version so stay tuned)



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  2. […] the release of my first collection – Riot Grrrden: Stories from the Grow Write Guild – in the next blog post. […]

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