distro update after MKEZF 2013

There have been some big changes in the catalog since I tabled at two zine fests, one in late summer and the other less than a month ago. The first was the Portland Zine Symposium, where sales were way down, and the second was the Milwaukee Zine Fest, where sales were way up! I sold out of a few titles and picked up a few new ones as well. I have updated the sold out titles in the catalog but haven’t added the newest ones yet, so here is your first glimpse. I will do some little write ups about these new titles in the near future but if you want more info on anything right now you can always contact me.


  • Big Kiss
  • Boyish Hips, multiple issues (#40, 47, 53, 54)
  • Damaged Mentality, multiple issues (#2.5, 5, 6)
  • Double Happiness
  • Feet Like Leaves
  • Knife and Loud #1
  • The Juniper #16
  • Riverwurst
  • Strap
  • Toes
  • reprinted: Writing and Loss – The Obsesser #3

The Juniper is a title I carried for many years so it’s exciting to get a new issue of this great little zine. I had a big stack and I’m already down to just a few copies so get them while you can. They’re free with purchase, though I ask for 50 cents to help with shipping costs (I can get an accurate International price for those outside the US). A few of these titles were recently acquired with only 1 or 2 copies available so even though they are new they are in limited quantity. Riverwurst and Strap are titles I have had available at fests but am now adding to the online catalog for the first time. All of these new titles are a mixture of personal stories, recovery/sobriety, mental/physical disability, art (drawing, photography, etc.), comics, LGBTQ, poetry, how-to, green living, and fiction. I am also working on a few new zines myself so look forward to other titles over winter.

NEARING THE END – There are SO many titles with only 1 or 2 copies, so if there’s something you’re interested in you should order  before they’re gone! Many titles are sold out or out of print otherwise and these final copies are only available here. If you have any questions just ask, or if there’s something you like (personal stories, comics, fiction, etc.) I’d be happy to make suggestions for you.

SOLD OUT – these titles are sold out for good and will no longer be restocked

  • Comixville, all issues
  • Cut and Paint
  • Indestructible
  • Telegram, all issues
  • Time to Disappear
  • Wic-skill in Dix-ski
  • Zine Making Tips and Tricks

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