coming back from hiatus

I took the month of August away from the computer for the most part, and it really felt good. I enjoy sharing things on the blog here but since I was gone on my three-state summer adventure I was able to take the time to explore and come back with new stories. I have so many things to share but a month long trip is exhausting, and because it was fairly writing and zine intensive I’ve needed to take a little extra time not doing those things for a bit. Here are some things I hope to post about in the near future:

  • New titles and updated quantities at the distro
  • A look back on IZM,  The Portland Zine Symposium, Zine Camp, and visits to ZAPP and the IPRC
  • A new Grow Write Guild post about this season’s bounty (and a look back at summer, with a shift to fall)
  • Outdoor adventures like the pacific northwest river retreat (a blend of zine and outdoorsy goodness), visits to two giant rose gardens, and the herbal tarot

Plus while I was on the plane I worked on the layout of my next zine, the compilation of the first ten Grow Write Guild pieces. You know print is more fun than reading the screen. I hope to have it ready in time for the Milwaukee Zine Fest in November.  I still need a little time off but wanted to check in with readers. I plan to come back in mid to late October so check back then. Thanks for your patience.


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