not gonna call it a failure: gwg #10

Here we are, at the tenth Grow Write Guild prompt. I hope to compile the first ten responses into a little zine to share offline. Look forward to that and more blog writing in the near future.


ImageThere are many plants that I’ve tried to nurture but just couldn’t get them to get up and go. I ride the edge between beginner novice and intermediate gardener, and all I’ve learned has come from reading (hoping to retain what I can and apply it) and of course trial and error. I’ve always taken “failure” plants as a learning experience and don’t really consider them as negative as others might. They happen so I can learn what I need to make it work in the future. I like the problem solving aspect of it and if I looked at it any other way I probably would be so disappointed I wouldn’t be gardening today. Everyone has their trouble areas. Even when I wait too long to harvest my greens before they grow stalks and get bitter, or when the tons of radishes I waited for did little beyond growing flowers and seed pods (both are actually really tasty!), and even when I get skimpy flowers that need more or less light or better soil, what have you, through all the issues I take notes and bank the knowledge for next time.

One new plant that I haven’t quite figured out is the lovely pink gerbera daisy that Corey bought for me. One day I was feeling down and he returned home from the grocery store with a bag of fresh soil (to replace the last bit that Nuke had accidentally knocked over), a small pot of such sweet flowers, and on top of it he had the ingredients to make me an awesome dinner. The first flowers came and went but actually lasted longer than I had anticipated. The blooms were bright, almost hot pink around the edge with a creamy center, and the leaves were a nice rich green. When they faded I deadheaded them as I was told to do but when the next set of buds came up they fried in the sun. I’ve been moving them around, finding the perfect mix of just enough water and light, but no more flowers have come. I’ve had the plant for a good while now (almost three months) and still the leaves range from strong and straight to wilted and yellowed. I just can’t seem to get it right. Yet.


Maybe the big bright moon will help me become the plant whisperer I aspire to. After enduring the dreadfully cold and wet spring, which was followed by the sudden burst of a week-long heat wave that left myself and the plants pretty burnt out I could really use a turn around. When the stars align I’ll have my perfect garden and I’ll know all I require to make it the best it can be. Perhaps a little mysticism could help me better understand all of their needs.

Shortly after I wrote this we had a terrible cold chill come through with a lot of rain. It was too much of a shock after such a dry heat wave that even in the house out of direct sunlight the leaves wilted beyond repair and never came back to life. I had put it out on the balcony in a cooler spot hoping the rain would help but it was just too much. My gerbera just couldn’t pull through. I hate to leave this post on such a negative note but I do have hope that I’ll be able to figure out the perfect amount of all that my plants need to thrive.


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