izm reading list part 2 of 2

I finished off the month. Many were chosen for zine library and education week, one for cookzine day, and a bunch of minis and quarter size zines so I could read them during down time at work. A few were new to print or new to me, some I had never read but had been sitting on for years, and others were old goodies worth a reread. It has been a busy month of hammock and porch reading and surely that will continue through the fall. Once winter hits I’ve got a bunch of cozy nooks that are just asking for a cup of hot coffee and a zine. Its been fun sharing and I’m already thinking about IZM 2014. Until then feel free to catch up with me here and of course mail correspondence is always appreciated.

Zine Ad Zine #2 (in celebration of flyer exchange day)

No Better Voice #1/truckface #9

Don’t Be a Hard Rock When You Really Are a Gem, Baby Girl

Barnard Zine Library Zine

Cereal Boxes and Milk Crates, Zine Libraries and Infoshops are NOW! (I forgot I was included and found a surprise note on BOTS as the very last reference!)

It’s Time to Make a Zine  +  Zine Capsule: Zine Collecting for the Future

A Pocket Guide to the U-C IMC Library  +  Ghosts of Ready Reference

Grrrl Zines  +  DIY Zine Libraries

Zines at the U of Iowa Libraries

Libraries handout from CZF Workshop + Teaching Info Literacy with Zines

The RW24 Interviews (in celebration of riding in the 24, again)

An East Coast Girl’s Guide to Record Stores of the Pacific Northwest  +   One Awkward Girl

Lady Teeth #1  +  Just Married

Carnage (in celebration of food zine day)

A Few Thoughts… + A Few More Thoughts on Being a Raggidy Femme

Let It Sink (accident journal) #7

and currently rereading the book Girl Zines

I actually had more Zine Library and education zines than expected, more than I could read. The more text heavy ones had to get put back on the shelf. I had to mix it up a little more. I was lucky to get a few brand new zines before the month was over so there was a good mix for me. Reading a zine each day was more taxing than I had expected, because when I read a mini or one that was shorter on text I didn’t feel right saying that was enough and read two. It was a good challenge for me because it kept me constantly reading but I’ll be glad to take the time to read whenever I feel like it rather than feel obligated to finish something. I like to read a few things at once anyway.


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