new titles and sale!

Like I had already said, in appreciation of IZM I’m offering a free zine with any order. On top of that it’s distro week, so I’m also offering half price on any of these new-to-BOTS titles. I inhereted some of these from another distro that closed and want to get them out into the world. I believe all are local to Milwaukee if that’s something you’re looking for. They’re arty with drawings and some feature writing and/or color imagery as well. These are not in the catalog yet, they’re only available here. In celebration of 7/18’s IZM prompt go ahead and order from us for the first time. Remember, these prices do not include shipping. Enjoy!

Knife and Loud #1 $5  $2.50

Double Happiness (with blue or yellow covers) #2  $2

Boyish Hips 4 $2  $1

Boyish Hips 47 (with free color print) $2  $1

Toes #3 (full size with hand colored cover and some full color images) $5  $2.50

Big Kiss (with experimental writing and blue covers) $2  $1

Feet Like Leaves #1 $2  $1


Other sale titles already in action (and in the catalog):

Clearance Items Only mini comic $1  50 cents

Foul #18, 20, 21 $1   50 cents each

Smelling Trees $2  $1

The Solution Is You $2  $1


I’ve done some work on the catalog (pages available in the header) but still have more to do. It’s coming along, though and I’ll be scanning more cover photos in the next few weeks. If you want to know more about a certain title just drop me a line.

I will also be donating a copy of each of the new titles (plus A Billion Years of Boyish Hips: A Selection from Boyish Hips #1-38) to the UWM Special Collections. I worked very hard on my own library for nearly a decade as I collected on my own and eventually integrated it into that collection. I’ve donated over 7,000 zines and will continue to do so. Anyone with an ID can view and read titles from this collection, just be sure to check their hours first. It couldn’t hurt to make an appointment so someone with knowledge on them can help you since very few are in the online catalog at this point. It’s a good place to fulfill next weeks Library prompts so check it out.


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