izm reading list part 1 of 2

Here’s my reading list so far, mid month. About half of these are rereads because even though I have a HUGE to read pile I needed to have mostly minis since I had to take them to work. Wallet size is the right size for a tour guide. I’ll have more fun to share in a few days with an update on my prompt activities so stay tuned.

Habit #1-3

Culture Slut #24/Motor City Kitty #16

Mythologizing Me #5.5

Doris #28

Long-Arm Stapler First Aid (exhibition catalog)

Corin Tucker Fanzine

A Million Birthdays #10

Rock Star with Words #4.5  +  Words Like Thieves #6

Dear Gwen PS (included with Girl Swirl #10)  +  Into the Grid

Zines 101  +  How To Be a Good Zine Citizen

Kurt Cobain Was a Feminist  +  Spit it Out

Mend My Dress (4 newsletter-like issues)

Angry Violist 6

and currently rereading the book Girl Zines

Coming up: Angry Violist 5, Just Married, No Better Voice #1/truckface #9, A Few Thoughts… + A Few More Thoughts on Being a Raggidy Femme, Let It Sink (accident journal) #7, One Awkward Girl, Ghosts of Ready Reference, and Don’t Be a Hard Rock When You Really Are a Gem, Baby Girl

[update: I’ve pulled some library specific zines for next week as well]


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