international zine month: week 3

Hey folks, its ZINE DISTRIBUTION WEEK! There are TWO prompts for distros (7/16 and 7/18) so feel free to hit me up. Now get out there!
15 – Leave a zine in public for someone else to find.
16 – Send your zine to a distro for distro consideration.
17 – Review a zine online or write a review of a zine to add to your zine.
18 – Order from a zine distro that you have never ordered from before.
19 – Zine Shop appreciation day! Stop by a shop that sells zines and buy some or consign your own.
20 – Free Zine Day! Give your zine away to someone!
This is probably my favorite week of the month, though next week’s outreach and education would usually be the tops. With the RW24 bike race and hosting my sister-in-law’s engagement party/co-ed shower, I won’t be able to spend much time hosting my own event like I would have otherwise. Maybe next year.This week I’ll be leaving a zine at the Little Free Library at the Urban Ecology Center (I couldn’t make it yesterday but will be going soon). I haven’t sent a zine for distro consideration in ages so today’s prompt will be a good one for me. I’ll keep this brief and I’ll be updating with my most recent antics soon. So, where did you leave your zine?‪

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