izm winding down week 2

As week 2 nears an end I find I’m a touch behind on the prompts but have been diligent in my reading. I still need to update my wiki entries and I couldn’t think of a new zine skill to teach myself. At the risk of sounding like a bragert I’ve experimented with nearly every way you can fold a page or bind a small book so I didn’t learn anything new. I did play with some mock ups for a garden newsletter I’ll be working on so that was the closest I could get to it.

This week had lots of fun little making but with actual work + yard work + two trips to the pool I’ve been out of the house more than expected. It will all come together though. I’ve already got little flyers to pass out so if anyone wants to do a flyer exchange get at me. I’m always up for trades, that’s the main reason I started writing zines, so hit me up if you’re into that sort of thing.

Letter to someone I don’t know: Katie Haegele of The La La Theory. Jenna Freedman recommended her to me for a lighter summer read (lighter in mood, not in content). The same goes for Celia Perez of I Dreamed I Was Assertive (who I’m choosing for my unsolicited trade attempt). I’ve seen both titles around for a while but haven’t picked one up for whatever reason. IZM is the perfect time to make new pen pals!

Care package to someone I do know: I’m thinking the person that could most benefit from this is Taryn Hipp. She’s working on the finishing touches of her first book, deals with depression and anxiety like I do (which means a nice mail surprise could make a rough day the tops!), and we’ve been talking a lot more lately so she’s on my mind. Look for her zine, Lady Teeth #2, coming to my distro very soon! I’m excited to announce this as the newest title to Bottles on the Sill since it’s probably the best new zine I’ve read all year. For reals. Check out ladyteeth.com and preorder her book, Heavy Hangs the Head, which will surely be awesome.

Zine I’m shipping off to for review: Zine World. I’ve been meaning to send one in for a long long time now. I even wrote up the info and envelope over a year ago, I just ended up giving out the last copy of that zine shortly after. I still need to reprint it (if I want to keep it going, which I think I will). I’ll be sending out a few newer ones to get the word out there. I used to do this very diligently because it meant I was sure to get unsolicited trades and mail orders, even if the review was less than stellar. Many of the people I had the best pen pal relationships with were forged through the zine review section of MRR, heartattack, etc. I used to write them a lot myself. I worked for a few different sites and review zines and started my own blog of them (my very first blog, posted to tripod a decade ago) and this soon turned into the BOTS library and shortly after the distro. In the last 5 years I’ve fallen out of habit with them but this is as good a time as any to get back to it.

So, how’s your zine month going?



  1. Did you get my email? Please send me your mailing address as soon as possible. I’ll be going to the post office this Thursday! Thanks 🙂

    1. Yep, I responded yesterday. Thank YOU!

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