international zine month: week 1

IZM13It’s week one, day one of International Zine Month!

IZM 2013

Week 1: I love zines

Week 2: Postal Appreciation

Week 3: Distro Week

Week 4: Library and Education Week

Week 5: Just for fun


First up, it’s I LOVE ZINES WEEK!
1 – Sign up or sign in to and write about IZM and what you plans are to celebrate zines this month! Feel free to write about it on your personal site as well!
2 – Make a Top 10 list of reasons why your love zines, post them online if you would like.
3 – Zine Distro Appreciation Day! Order from a zine distro.
4 – Reread your favorite zines and remind yourself why you love them so much.
5 – Teach yourself a  new zine skill: learn how to book bind, make a 1 page zine, photocopier art, etc.
6 – Check out and add your zine or update existing entries.
Don’t forget your extra credit:
-Read a zine everyday
-do a 24 hour zine (sign up here
-post your progress online on your blog, facebook, or on WMZ
-Attend a zine event
-Draw a comic each day and release them at the end of the month

Personally, I’ve already posted to We Make Zines, facebook, and this blog so I’ve gotten a pretty good head start. Selection of zines I will be reading this week: Habit #1-3 (knitting zine from 2004-5), Culture Slut/Motor City Kitty split, Mythologizing Me #5.5, Long-Arm Stapler First Aid (exhibition catalog), and the Corin Tucker Fanzine.

I’d also like to note that one of the prompts for this week is to order from a distro, and you’ve got one right here buddy! Anyone that orders from me this month will receive a free zine of my choosing. Don’t worry, I’ll match you up real nice. I’ve just reprinted a few of my own that aren’t listed on the site yet but feel free to order those, too. Each is $1 shipping solo or 50 cents with another item. Let me know if you have questions. More on this, more reprints, and new titles all coming soon!

Botanical Endeavors $3 full color cover, $2 b/w

At Some Point $2 full color cover, $1 b/w

31 Postcards $2 (only in b/w)

[update: I added these to the catalog and there are a handful more coming in the near future]

I’ve put together a lil facebook page that’s specific to Milwaukee but anyone can join along. Follow and respond here –   So, what are you up to?


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