SGCI (Printmaking Conference), Wednesday

Yesterday I started the Southern Graphics International Conference off right by checking out the new exhibit by my favorite silkscreening duo, The Little Friends of Printmaking. The opening reception at Sky High Skate Shop and Gallery is this Friday evening but I needed a sneek peak. The theme was Wisconsin based but there were also some of my other favorites including:

Bycyclists and Kitties (sometimes they’re one in the same)

Pee Wee Saves the Snakes (from his Big Adventure)

Artist House (with each room hosting a different medium, like a book artist and a dude knitting in the tub)

Internal Devo

Souveniers from Rushmore Academy

These are my own titles but you can find out the real ones for yourself by checking out their ever-changing and magical website. Don’t miss this one!

We did a little more gallery hopping, and the cons opening party was last night, but the real fun starts today. This will probably be the only time Milwaukee hosts this International event so I’m really excited to be a part of it. I’ll try to give some recaps but want to be sure to mention a few things I’ll definitely be a part of. These are all group events/showings and all will be on-the-spot collaborative. All open or are only on Friday so if you can check them out.

Print Pile, Local Collaborative Group Show, The Borg Ward Co-op – I’ll have a piece in this along with many great DIY kids.

Just Seeds Labor Exhibit, UWM Union Gallery  – two full days of excellent artists talks and a chance to get your hands dirty

Bike-made Prints, Spaights Plaza – ride a bike to make your mark.

Cream City Brick Prints, Hot Pop – Pull your own MKE themed prints off carved bricks. I want to try this on my own, what a great idea!

Music to Celebrate the SGCI, Public House Co-op – Corey’s band, No Bueno, opens this weekend long series tonight.

I’ll update this later with sweet links and photos but I gotta get printmaking!



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