winding down

workshop readingThe semester is nearing the end and there will only be a handful of posts left for the writing workshop. There are some things I’d like to add before it ends, like posts about a few finalized zines (mainly the last two), some reflection on the last two zine fests I attended, what’s to come with the final project, and there are a few other continuations I’d like to pick back up on over the next month.

We have an upcoming reading on Tuesday, which again I am very nervous about. My anxiety – especially in regards to reading – has been out of control lately, but I’m taking steps to manage it. I’m hoping that by the time Tuesday rolls around I’ll feel more at ease. It’s at Woodland Pattern, a bookstore that’s just a few blocks from my house. It should be kind of fun, like an end of the semester party, I just wish I could listen and not read. We’ll see how it goes.


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