Truth in Blogging (and being a journalism student)

This is so right on. I was laughing through the entire thing.


I’m finally starting to enjoy blogging, after years of trying to make myself accept it. Just like writing itself it gets easier and more enjoyable with more practice. I had a livejournal that I kept up with regularly, mostly for the distro but sometimes about my life (like what I do here). It wasn’t so much a journal, it was more of a proto-blog. This overlapped and moved into the myspace era, where I posted blog-like entries about what I was up to complete with photos and videos.

thai basil, taken with phone

Later I got really excited about writing an alternative gardening blog. As a newbie that was passionate about what I was doing and thought I had a lot to share as I tried new things this seemed like a great way to break myself into the blogosphere (ugh). Some seeds/plants were abundant, some died or weren’t productive, but all were good learning experiences. I imagined an audience of new people learning along with me to experienced green thumbs that enjoyed the fresh look I had on it (what they once felt like). I loved to take photos of the plants and thought that would be a great element to the blog. It all sounded good but it was tough to keep up with it. Working in the garden itself was a very time consuming hobby and creating posts added more work. The hardest hurdle was that I was starting from scratch so I needed to find an audience to write for and it was just too difficult to add outreach to the list. Maybe some day I’ll pick it up again, but probably after graduation.

In high school I imagined freelance journalism as a great job outlook. I imagined working on a staff for a magazine (oh boy) and writing the occasional story or taking photos on a freelance basis to keep things interesting. Now freelance is pretty much the only way and with so much information available immediately and the competition of various media it is a much more open field (nearly anyone can create media today, some just by opening their phones). It’s more competitive and much harder to make a place for yourself, even as a person that’s spent A LOT of money and time on an education based around media. The future is in blogging, twitter, and diligently applying yourself. I’m starting to adapt but it’s clear that being a “professional” writer isn’t as easy as it used to be, even if the perks are working from home and creating your own hours.


PS I’ve had this blog just over a year so I’m glad it’s finally coming together. Happy Anniversary?


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