found text bits: cassette reading

These are pieces I tried to pull together from reading the cassette (found) text after it was written out on the tape. I think this is sort of what some readers would string together when reading, though each person/read would be different. I am currently leaving it untitled because I would like first time readers to experience the surprise of the cassette reveal since they will first be introduced to the left side and slowly pull out or unfold it until the final page is the cassette itself. The background of where the text came from is in a previous post.


currently untitled.

Today is so beautiful out. It’s the nicest day we’ve had. It’s long overdue.

Soon life will begin to sprout again along with new dreams, goals, and personal growth.

Today was so nice out my friends and I decided to look for a place secluded from the city, a place away from all my problems, a place to begin to ponder new dreams.

After long searching for a place away from the city, a place away from all of my problems and frustrations,

From the cold winter, considering it was so nice.

And lost dreams that the city tends to bring out. I wanted a place where I could find peace of mind. I figure with spring here it’s time to start a new beginning.

Either too close to the city or too far away, too small or too big, or someone else’s spot.

They were always on someone’s private property, leaving no free land, just like my hope for finding “my place.” Well I sit along the tracks with the sun beginning to fall. But with the sunrise of tomorrow “my place” might be found.


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