new idea for the next project: cassette

Since I wrote the last post I had a great idea that I think even better fits the next project parameters – stop making sense and found text. I created an image of a cassette tape that’s been unwound and knotted together. Along the tape I wrote out a found text that would be difficult for most readers to fully follow (due to the knots and twists), so it may not make total sense and the sequence may be mixed up. The reader will turn the page, revealing more twists until they see the actual cassette at the end, and the pages can be pulled out to show the full image (accordion fold).

The idea came from re-reading a zine I wrote after the suicide of a close friend (writing and loss). In it I wrote about how I had inherited his tape collection. One night I got up the courage to listen to one of the tapes, which was a demo for one of his bands that I had seen a number of times in high school. Unfortunately as I began to listen to it the tape got jammed, crumpled, and unwound. I haven’t tried listening to the other tapes since because I’m worried they will be the last time I hear him (his death was about two and a half years ago). The found text is a page from his journal, which his family had passed out at the spreading of his ashes.

Part of me wants to move on from this tragedy and not write about it again but I really like this idea and think it could be interesting, even if the reader doesn’t know the background. Any thoughts? Should I include background of my meaning on the back, or should I leave it off and let the reader find their own meaning?


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