approaching adulthood ideas

I have been fascinated by old etiquette books and pamphlets for growing young adults for a long time. Last year I made a small zine called “On Becoming a Woman” that took found text and images from a pamphlet on what to expect as a girl changed into a woman, which were fairly controlling and spoke to old fashioned norms of ways women were thought to act and think in the early 60’s.

For the next project, Stop Making Sense and Found Text, I plan to look at another pamphlet that was meant for someone a little older (and was for men and women). It’s called Approaching Adulthood and it talks about what to expect and things to avoid in relationships, marriage, and having children. Its actually pretty long but I plan on pulling some of the text to make the next zine. I may also add a few pieces of micro fiction in between, but that might have to come after the first draft since the turn around is so fast. We’ll see.

Here are a few of the bits I’ve come across that stood out and may be included. I’m still working on building it and what will work best together.


in advance of emotional situations

Jean and Jerry realized full well that when they drove out of town on a warm summer night and headed for the beach they were under the supervision of no one but themselves.

If they went dancing or swimming with the crowd they could have fun and a chance to show their love for one another in various little ways even with others nearby, but if they drove off the back road to the dunes and lay on the beach, they were charting  out a difficult course for themselves.

The chance of an error in anything one does must be evaluated in terms of how serious even one error might be.

Young women who encourage petting find pleasure in the power which they have over a man may not understand the strength and urgency of the impulses they arouse.

Actually, they may need instead to have some close friendships, or the satisfaction of an absorbing job, or greater achievement in school.

When life has real meaning and purpose, tensions are less likely to build up.

Their guilty feelings can affect later relationships in marriage.

Even the methods doctors may prescribe for married persons are not without the chance of human error.


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