free writing: word association, found bits


home words: residence, abode, dwelling, asylum, sanctuary. habitat, homeland

homecoming: return, arrival, journey’s end

down to earth, collectively, all hands, everyman jack, the works

everywhere: all over, far and wide     one: e.) body      day: habitual, usual, routine, workaday     every: each, all, complete, entire

generally speaking, customary, across the board

populace –> people: individual, creature, mortal, society, soul, NYers, community, population, masses, hoi polloi, silent majority, horde, dregs, Jane Doe, clod, hobbledehoy!

pick one –> fascinating/intriguing/engrossing


reason: personality, lead up to party

reason: going to the party


crapulence: sick from over eating/drinking, drunkeness

crassitude: gross ignorance/stupidity     2: thickness, grossness

corrigendum: an error to be corrected

coseismal: pertaining to or being in a line, curve, etc. connecting or comprising points on the earth’s surface at which an earthquake wave arrives simultaneously

photo of a cowl on p. 337, cross tree on p. 347, culottes p. 353, burnoose and burnsides

mountebank: huckster who sells quack medicines from a platform in public places (using tricks and storytelling)

mare nubium in the third quadrant, sea of clouds on the moon (imbrium of rains, somniorum of dreams)


We were asked to look at word association, collages, and a juxtaposition of fragments. Before I had a personal computer I used to write down words or phrases I liked, often with synonyms or definitions (especially if it had other dominant meanings), for stories. I went through some old high school notes and rough drafts that I had stashed with my first zine flats to compile a list of found words and things written in the margins. It reminds me of an unexpected index.


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