free writing: found lists

I was looking through my stash of ripped up magazine pages (for collages) and old zine notes in an attempt to scrounge up pieces to make a list of likes and dislikes and I actually found a few of these. Some are what Lane would call colophons, with the standard music listened to and thanks at the end with one really long piece that I took parts from (and only the stuff I don’t like because I think that’s funnier). Some are edited for space and the embarrassment that comes with more than a decade of reflection. I haven’t looked at these in about as much time and it’s funny how things don’t really change much.


from my third to fifth zines between high school and college, some just notes (unpublished)


bands that kept me sane while writing, pasting, layout junk, and mailing:

Mr. T Experience, The Modern Machines, The Ramones, The Lawrence Arms, Jawbreaker, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Pinhead Gunpowder, and Seldon Crisis for bike trips to mail and the copy shop


a little thanks is in order to:

all of my multiple letter friends who have sent me goodies and kind words

my family for giving me soap, dishes, and food, and for putting up with me and my grumbling

the new kids that kept me busy at home and house shows (mainly Nate, Anne, Jim, and Paul)


no thanks to:

my landlord . my roommates . being broke in a record store . george w . caulked-shut windows . huffing paint fumes . creaky floors . girlie emotions . bills . broken record needles . bad dreams


to do:

bring in lp players

get 15 legal papers

go to the library!

concert at 7 tomorrow

type, extension cord

buy stamps and postcards

do mail!

put up nails


stuff i don’t like…

breathing in exhaust from my broke down car . guns . being sick . the dentist . tom cruise . planes . fakes . snobby girls . spiders . heights . slivers and blisters . baggy pants . long hair/toenails . gravel . shaving . driving my 1986 lebaron convertible . one-piece swimsuits . cuts . deep water . make up . snow . being in love . other people being in love . all bras except that red one . sports . guys with bulging muscles . most romantic comedies . implants . mullets . crushes . people that can’t admit they’re bald . menstruation . trying to type too fast . boys that steal my heart, say they like me, then ignore me around “the guys” . most poetry . doing the dishes . being stranded . crying (myself and others) . not having $ or the time to do things i like . being embarrassed . fat ties . being ripped off . easy listening crap . junk mail . limp bizkit . not hanging out with josh anymore . crowds . having to sleep and missing out on great things in the process . talking on the phone . weezer turning into rock stars . having to wake up at 8am on a saturday to watch MST3K . peeing outside locked park bathrooms . not getting things back from people . holding rummage sales and making less that $3 . when my dead milkmen tape got eaten . mornings . billy’s reactionary christian parents . the death of joey ramone . sex ed . mornings . kevin costner . knowing i have to be up in 4.5 hours . being cold. dreams about pop art attacking you . clowns . alarms . getting caught . button flys . being late . really bad luck . being left out.


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