Edith Knows Her Apples story one

I should probably paint this ceiling. God, these spider webs are taking over. I need to remember to pick up that duster. OK, let’s see… I should finish that project on Wednesday, but I really just want to work on the list of things I need to pick up before practice. I guess printing that paper is probably number one. Where did I put my printer card? Oh I can’t forget to air up my tires this time. I should set my alarm earlier so I can actually get out of the house on time. Wait, I can think about this tomorrow. Relax. Think about the rain. No, try to clear your head. What was that noise? No, it doesn’t matter. It was probably the cats anyway. Blank. Blank. No, counting.

1 2 3 4 5…

This is boring. I’m wide awake. I need to stop having soda so late. No sugar, not even caffeine free. I have to remember. Spelling it out might help. If I concentrate on the letters maybe my mind won’t wander.

One     two      three      four     five      six     seven     eight      nine      ten…

Reverse might be better, like at the doctor.

100 99  98 97…   …42 41 40.

This doesn’t seem to be working.


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