DIY 90s Print Aesthetics

I’ve been thinking about 90s print esthetics a lot in the past few months. At the first meeting of the Milwaukee Zine Fest this year we decided on the loose theme of “the 90s.” We got really excited about

doing a photo shoot and flyers that looked like that infamous Minor Threat album cover

a t-shirt design like Jawbreaker’s “Busy featuring that purplish-blue tone of the mimeograph (that reminds you of elementary school handouts)

and pulling in Riot Grrrl content for the first time.

Our timing was good because the style and music of the 90s are very much in vogue right now, but we weren’t just trying to pick something hip. I believe (I don’t necessarily want to speak for everyone) we hoped to tie today’s zine scene with the “historical” explosion of zines after a decade or two perspective. Of course we also wanted to embrace and highlight this period that was so important to the “scene” that we belong to and that we still think of fondly.


Check out an upcoming post for thoughts from cut and paste to desktop publishing.


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