botanical endeavors

this is a lower quality image than the actual print, which is nice and crisp

Today I finished another zine – Botanical Endeavors. It includes 12 short pieces of fiction and creative non-fiction on the topic of gardening and related plant based interests (as I wrote about in a few previous posts). I think it turned out pretty well and I’m very pleased with the cover, which is definitely one of my favorites. There’s a lot more white space than I have ever included before but I think it works. I thought of adding illustrations through out but it just seemed to be distracting. I also tried a new layout – half size with a horizontal orientation – and it was really a headache to put together digitally. It took me at least three times as long as it should have so I hope it was worth it.

I think as a collection this was pretty successful and I enjoy that as a whole they work together better than as individual stories. They don’t have much in common besides that they are quiet and focus on relatively solitary characters, and of course with each piece revolving around the theme of “interacting” with plants. I would highly recommend the full color cover (the same botanical collage is repeated on the back) though I do offer an economical black and white version if that’s a selling point for you. Either way I hope you enjoy it!


Botanical Endeavors: The Obsesser #5, $2 black and white cover, $3 in glorious color, 24 pages half size


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