supplies: free writing week three

Over the years they had become more and more particular about the type of pens they would use. After plenty of trials and frustrations they had found just one particular brand and one particular color. Occasionally they thought they should mix it up, try something new, but nothing compared to their preferred brand. It had a smooth line that never ran dead like a cheap ball point. It wouldn’t bleed through the page like so many early gel pens. There was no reason to continue looking any further.


They had a thing with scissors.

They had accumulated so many different kinds and each had a particular job.

They had ones set aside for paper that were thin with cushioned handles.

They had small ones for yarn that they kept with their stash.

They had ones with funky blades that were meant for decorative borders but were cheap and didn’t work right.

They had set aside two kinds for the kitchen, one in each knife block.

They had specialized fabric scissors that sprang open after cutting to help with straight lines.

They had treasured ones that were handmade with short shears that they used for thread but mostly just looked at.

They had wondered if there were any other scissors that could be a part of their collection.


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