exercises v mining: mix up and freewriting

i have just realized i confused the next two projects, making this one much more like what should come next than what is currently at hand. i will not have the time to write, rework, and layout an entirely new set before tuesday. crud. having a head cold has messed up my rhythm. every semester i get the weather-change-and-returning-sick-students bug without fail and still it messes with me. i can never prepare for it even when i know it is coming.


There’s something about Fall in Wisconsin that is so perfect. I look forward to it each year and long for it in the months that follow. Its just right when I can wear a cardigan and sit in the yard while the sun sets. When I can still bike comfortably around the neighborhood. When I can listen to the rain with the window cracked.

The leaves are beginning to change. It won’t last long. Its here and gone before you can totally appreciate it. I’m always sure to make a drive mid state around this time so I can carry the image with me into the dreary November climate.

Its also tights weather, where I can comfortably add layers and get things done. The summer was a burst of thick heat and made it almost unbearable to do anything but soak in the tub and watch syndicated television.


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