at some point…

This morning I busted out the finishing touches on a short zine called “At Some Point” (and part of the series The Obsesser – #4). The text is a collection of fragments from my honeymoon road trip (one way, Chicago to LA) that took place this summer. I didn’t write about the trip back because that’s another adventure. Each story is only 1-3 sentences so I might flesh this out more in the future or just add more pieces to the collection. This is just a taste… its micro-memoir. I’m also considering reworking it for 1/4 size (its currently 1/2)  and chopping up the text in a more cut and paste style. It’s too clean right now. More as this piece develops.


At Some Point: The Obsesser #4, $2 with a lovely full color cover or $1 in black and white, 16 pages half size


I also shared a few zine making books and zines with the writing workshop:

Stolen Sharpie Revolution (2 copies of 3rd Edition, 1 of 2nd [I need to order the newest one])

Make a Zine! (old and new editions)

Zine Making: An Introduction (made in Canada by the lovely Sarah Evans)

The Zinester’s Etiquette Zine (pretty short)

DIY Comix (3rd Edition)

If anyone wants to borrow one or order their own just ask.


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