another purpose

I’ve taken on a semester long writing workshop that will focus on zine and zine-like forms. I will be including some of this writing here, from first blips of ideas to final drafts. They will be categorized under the heading “writing workshop” so you can choose to seek out or avoid these posts. This will be a way for you to give constructive criticism but also to simply get a sneak peek before this material is published and available at the distro.

As you can see I’ve also updated the layout of this site to better accommodate this new direction. It feels more bright and modern so I hope you enjoy it.
In other brief news I have been fairly inactive in the zine world since CZF because I was planning my DIY wedding (which became a full time job) and went on a nearly month long honeymoon road trip. Some pieces of this trip will be included in my next zine so stay tuned. I should be making more current posts from now on because all of that took up my entire late spring to late summer. I will have more time to get back to business.

The next Milwaukee Zine Fest will be coming up on November 3, with mini-events all weekend long. Stay tuned for a few events leading up to the fest such as collaborative program making and a donation based film screening. I may not post much about my organizing efforts but you can stay up to date by checking out the website at If you would like to help – at any level of commitment – be sure to email me ASAP. Don’t be shy – make this event YOURS!

If you are interested in finding me at the events that I will be able to attend then be sure to check out:

  • the Friday night reading (and broadcast?!)
  • the BOTS table on Saturday
  • my Riot Grrrl movie screening and discussion workshop (pending)
  • both Saturday night shows (cover bands, costumes encouraged!)
  • and ZOE on Sunday (for zine event organizers, which include people that want to, have, or continue to set up readings, meet ups, fests, etc.)

I hope to see you there!


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