Madison Zine Fest

Madison Zine Fest was a good time, as usual. It was run by two new folks and I think they did a good job, including trying a new location that was in a fancy newly built University Union. Unfortunately there wasn’t as much foot traffic as years past and a lot of people started to pack up before the day was over, but I got the chance to catch up with friends and sell my newest zine for the first time.

My table was really long so you can’t quite see it all in the photos

As a Milwaukee Zine Fest organizer I was interested in what people thought worked and didn’t, and the main issues were getting interested people into the space and leaving enough room between the aisles so people aren’t crowding around each other. In our collective we’ve been talking a lot about accessibility, the pros and cons of different venues, non-printed matter, and trying to meet the needs and wants of fest-goers. If you’re interested in reading more on the troublesome Canzine that relates to these issues check out Maranda’s post (be sure to read part 2, which talks a lot about accessibility).

Anyway, it was pretty quiet in the new space but I brought an iPod and mini speaker and kept the punk going all day long. It made the time fly. I got the chance to catch up with an old friend, Mitch of Truckstop zine. He was a helper in organizing previous MadZFs (not sure if he organized or just helped Michelle (of Echo Distro)), and he and Michelle helped me a lot the day of  the first Milwaukee Zine Fest. I was the only person in charge of everything and was trying to do it all, and their help was greatly appreciated. Michelle was out of town during this year’s MadZF but hopefully we’ll catch up again soon. Other highlights include John of King Cat Comics and Spit and a Half Distro (always a pleasure), and great conversations with Korye about the plight of the modern zombie, Leslie Perrine about our adventures in letterpress, and caught up with the current state of Broader Vocabulary Books Coop. I also sold out of a few items.

Sold Out:

Burn Collector #12

Doris #27

JPO #1

Soi Boy

Suburban Gothic #6.5

Teach These Kids a Lesson (will restock the second edition)

I’m almost out of “i support zine libraries” pins, Motel, and On Becoming a Woman, which I assume will sell out at the Milwaukee Zine Fest in December. I hope to do second editions of both zines and make new pins within the next few months.

Writing and Loss is now available. It’s $1 in person, plus shipping through mail.


Right: Fly Away featured Motel in the Zine Rainbow! (orange and purple cover)

Left: A dark photo of me hanging out in FAZM

I only slept for 3 hours the night before the fest so I was amazed I made it until 3am that night before passing out. Afterward we got Thai food with Erin and Lee (Erin writes Famous Whales zine), we hung out at the lovely Fly Away Zine Mobile for about an hour (and I had it all to myself for a while, which has never happened), and watched zinester karaoke at Mother Fool’s coffee house over some delicious hot cider. [Side note: Mother Fool’s was the place where I participated in my first zine reading. It was around 2005 after another Madison Zine Fest.] We finished the night at a Halloween cover band show with a bunch of Milwaukee friends, got some mac and cheese pizza, and fell asleep to The Office on the tiniest couch in the tiniest living room. All in all it was a very full day.



  1. i did not know you had “i support zine libraries” pins – please set one aside for me! -jamie

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