Thanks for checking this out. I am in the process of changing info over from my old site so this is very much in progress. Check back for the updated catalog.

Briefly, I am a zine maker and distributor. I’ve run Bottles on the Sill Lending Library and Distro since 2003 (though the library is now moved to UW-Milwaukee where I am the resident zinester and organizer of the collection). I’ve been reading and producing zines since about 1997. I currently carry over 50 titles by a variety of authors.

If you are interested in being distributed please email me at bottlesonthesill@yahoo.com. I will be doing consignment only for now but will be able to do payment in advance or consignment once a web presence is reestablished. Please check out the current stock to see if your zine is a good fit.

My focus is on travel, personal, fanzines, riot grrrl and other women’s issues, some art, cut and paste, health, bike culture, craft, gardening, and cook zines. I do not distribute many poetry zines, literary journals, or glossies so please keep that in mind. I encourage Wisconsin and midwest publications (though I have titles from all over the US and beyond), free zines and flyer exchanges.

I will be heading to the 2011 Madison Zine Fest this weekend. The stock will definitely change after that but for now here’s a brief listing of what’s available. It is also low after tabling Email me for ordering info until I have this up and running.

My personal projects:

  • The Obsesser #0, $1 presale

This is mini about the top ten subjects I wanted to write about for my series The Obsesser. It can be read as a sort of prequel to the series or as a briefing on some of the things I’m most passionate about. I began the title as a way to write a fanzine with a more personal feel and this lists the things I had in mind when it was developed. Some of my obsessions include gardening, media studies, travel, and pinball. Issues on each subject will continue to be put out.

  • Writing and Loss, $1

Text from a workshop I did on writing as therapy run by Cindy Crabb of Doris zine at the 2011 Chicago Zine Fest. It includes the difficult to write story of a good friend’s suicide last summer, which I read to a small crowd at a zinester librarian reading. It also touches on my struggle with writing over the last few years, the “Revenge of Print,” and the Zine Librarian (un) Conference.

  • On Becoming a Woman, $2, only 4 copies of the first edition

Full color mini with re-appropriated images and text from a 1952 guide for girls. Numbered edition of 50. Will be reprinted soon.

  • Labyrinth, $1

Maze book about the Chartres Labyrinth including artistic representation. Comes in a sleeve with hand colored title.

  • Motel aka The Obsesser #2, $2, only 4 copies of the second edition

Will be reprinting soon

  • Trampoline, $1, only 4 copies left

24 hour comic

  • kubba #6, $2, 8 left of the fifth reprint

Fiction issue by various contributors with illustrations by AR. Includes a free button. This will be the last reprint.

  • kubba buttons, 50 cents – only available here
  • i support zine libraries button, $1, only 3 left – only available here

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